vrijdag 2 augustus 2013

2013 Magic Wood Summer bouldering trip

Karen,Manolo and Carl  went this summer to a bouldering trip in Switserland.
Ignace prefers lead climbing so he decided to go again to Rodellar in Spain with friends Koen Baeckeland and many others .

Here's the You tube video that Manolo made  about his bouldering in the Magic wood.

It was hot in whole Europe but bouldering in this pace was still possible.


zondag 17 februari 2013

First 8B redpoint - Zona zero Siurana Spain for Ignace

Ignace went to Siurana in Spain with Koen Baekelandt .On Valentines day 14 Feb 2013 he has sent us a message that he had redpointed his first 8B Zona zero.

zaterdag 3 november 2012

European championship Gemozac France

Today was the first European Youth Lead climbing championship in Gemzac France. We watched it on the live streaming this evening and we saw a very strong Belgian Team.
Loïc Timmermans (Male A) was very strong. He topped his qualification routes and climbed to the highest hold in the finals. He is the first Belgian European youth champion !!
Anak Verhoeven (Female A) was also very strong. She topped her two qualifications routes and also the finals. Jessica Pilz and Ana Tiripa also topped the final route. Anak Verhoeven needed more time to climb to the top and so she finished third place.Jessica is European champion Female A.
Chloé Caulier (9th Female A) ,Emilie Guerit ( 10th Female Juniors) and Sébastien Berthe (10th Juniors Male)made it also to the finals.
Ignace still suffering from the removal of 2 wisdom teeth couldn't train well for this competition and finished on a 20th place.

Other belgian climbers that participated :
See IFSC website for official results !

Nicolas Vancayzeele 16th Male A
Céline Cuypers 19th Female B
Nicolas Collin 22th Male B
Maëlys Gillart 28th Female B
Margot Verhaegen 3Oth Female A
Koen Baekelandt 33th Male A
Liam Thijs 33th Male B
Joke Pierssens 33th Female B
Cedric Binst 35th Male A
Julie Elseviers 35th Female A
William Frimout 36th Male A

vrijdag 10 augustus 2012

Video Belgian Team TAB France

dinsdag 7 augustus 2012

European Boulder TAB Argentière France

Manolo and Ignace wen to the  European bouldering contest Tout à Bloc (TAB) on 25-26 July 2012. They were motivated . Together they  had trained hard. They  also decided to watch their food  and didn't eat  any french fries, cakes, breads, chocolates, desserts, ... . It was not a diet because they ate  other foods such as fruits, vegetables, pasta, rice, potatoes, ...  they could  eat a lot but in the end they  felt it was still mentally difficult but had the character to persevere. We left with the whole family on Saturday, July 21, 2012 to Argentière-la Bessée in France. A journey of about 1000 km .

We brought  our crash pads  and  went on Sunday bouldering in Ailefroide. We climbed  some 6c boulders and  tried some 7a's  but Manolo had to stop soon because all the skin of his fingers was gone and he even had blood injury on one  finger.

Manolo felt strong and had decided to stop  participating at  European boulder competitions if he wasn't in the top 20. All competitors had to climb 8 boulders in maximum 5 attempts.
Manolo topped  4 boulders in 7 attempts and  placed  15 ° of  26 participants in the boys category B.   Liam Thijs climbed the same four boulders  but needed   1 try more and he ended on a 17 ° position.
Ignace managed to top 2 boulders and finished on a 16° place.

All other Belgian participants did their best to climb these  boulders opened by the legendary Jacky Godoffe. Chloe Caulier climbed four boulders Flash and stranded on an 8 ° place  and just  missed the finals.

Results of Belgian team:

            8. Chloé Caulier    (Female  A)
            15. Manolo Debreyne (Male B)
            16. Ignace Debreyne (Male Juniors)
            17. Liam Thijs           (Male  B)
            21. Maëlys Gillart  (Female B)
            24. Dawn Claeijs   (Female B)
            26. Cedric Binst   (Male  A)
            27. Tim Goossens  (Male A)

Complete results on :

 Saturday, Manolo also participated in the Micro TAB. A local open bouldering contest for youth up to 15 Years.He climbed 22 of the 25 boulders and finished on  2nd place Male B category .The French Boys Luke Mesnard B was first. He was also third on the European boulder competition  and clearly  stronger than Manolo. Nils Lemière finished first in category Benjamins.He topped all his boulders.
His brother Floris Lemière took 11°place.

zaterdag 9 juni 2012

EYC Voirion France 9 June 2012

The youth Belgian Team is at EYC Lead climbing competition in Voiron France.
You can follow the competition on Live Streaming. http://www.eyc-voiron.com/
Qualification females  starts at 14 h and Finals at 19.15 Hr.
Update : Anak Verhoeven won  and Loïc Timmermans  was second due to the speed rule . Celine Cuypers made it to the finals and finished 10th. Maëlys Gillard just missed the finals with her 11th. Koen Baekeland finished 29 place.

Video Finals Female Youth Boulder competition Grindelwald

Here's the video of the female climbers .We did not stay for the men's finals so I have no  video of the men's finals.